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Interview: MARK HAYES: MY STORY IN Vidal Sassoon

Hair fashion collection spring / summer 2009

The collection of Gucci for P / E 2009 is a tribute to the lush tropical vegetation and the lush flora of the Amazon forest. A vacation, a cruise, a woman-oriented atmosphere alien to wear in town too, and those gaudy prints jungle and forest enrich Youth CAFTA and minidresses fluids. Saturated and bright colors like turquoise and papaya ignite the complete male sciancrate jackets with tailored trousers and soft on the sides and slightly rolled at the ankle. Coulisse, gold zippers and large pockets give it a sporty touch to soft dresses, waistcoats and leather jackets. New bags with hand-stitched, double shoulder strap and tassels with bamboo details. The shoes have plateaux and high heels fetish wooden, metallic python and the evening. 'No war, make love! No bombs, only sex bombs', that is the message of peace of Frankie Morello. Femininity and color are the only means to destroy and gray desert. The first look is white and sandy, with hints of ocher and lame, for shirts and slim trousers tapered full of cuts, which become Saharan mini dress with a button on the back trail and pleated skirts. On everything, bellows pockets, like those of military uniforms, which are decorative. Then the scene changes and make room for the bright colors by means of purple, turquoise, red fire, green water, which depict a series of short dresses in satin or nappa, shaped into wedges like origami. The bags have the spherical shape of the bombs but the skin and the jewelry is macro parallelepipeds gold necklaces or multiwire banner with letters. The dream of a cruise, blows a slight, pleasant breeze of the East on the walkway of Emporio Armani. A figure from life sinuous thin shoulders and gait marked on the plexiglass wedges and flat sandals. Lightweight fabrics, cut soft, relaxed forms. Jackets impeccable, minute and succinct in neutral tones and unspeakable are combined with soft jersey trousers cropped at the ankle to make the shoe. Many sexy vest and sleeveless jackets in fluid fabrics or knitted worked with back veil of organza. Priority must be given to the pastel tones in long dresses and covered with embroidery conterie in pastel tones, the details are important and showy. Light, carefree, unpredictable, and Roberto Cavalli imagine the new seduction. The designer draws the second update, rococo modern codes. A riot of mischievous and intriguing Trine forming bushes ruches, floral prints imprimés pearls or multicolored glass. Beautiful long dresses of chiffon romantic, charming the pantsuit in napa pierced laser, charming embroideries pavés of green marbles impreziosicono the microabiti. The triumphant evening dress dancing, aulic and solemn in various shades of white plaster and gray pearl.
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